Happy Thanksgiving!   I feel it is appropriate to end my 20 things to be thankful about real estate in Fort Worth on the day we all traditionally eat turkey, watch Football and count the blessings in our lives.   

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we do often think about how blessed we are in our lives to have what we do.   As I heard  Fr. Gregory Boyle say on Fresh Air the other day, we all have won our own “lotteries in life” to be where we are today.   Fr. Boyle is founder of the “Homeboy Industries,” the the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world.  This great institution employs and trains former gang members so they have a chance at a successful reentry into the workforce.  He is also author of two great books, Barking at the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship and Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.   If you want a good read during this month of thanks, I can’t think of a better one than either of these books.   

Fr. Boyle doesn’t let anyone feel sorry for themselves about what their “life lottery” brought them.  He encourages people to lift themselves up beyond what chance gave them and make them most of the situation.  People like Fr.Boyle are the real treasures in life, helping others before themselves.   If you know someone like Fr. Boyle, thank them on this day of thanks. 

After hearing him speak on Fresh Air, I was reminded how lucky I have been in my life.  I was born a middle class white family with all the privilege that comes with it.  How easy it would have been for me to be born of a different heritage or social economic class.   Because of the circumstances I was born into, I was three steps ahead of the large sector of the population.  I had literally won the “life lottery” and I feel grateful to be where I am today.     

With real estate in Fort Worth, we all have something to be thankful as we approach the end of 2017.   Here are my last five things.     

1.  Days on Market for most homes are still low (but not as low as this time last year) –  Our market has been a blessing for sellers for the last three years.   The market has an absurd low amount of homes for sale right now.  Buyers are still having to scramble to find homes, especially if you are looking for homes under $200K.   However, we are starting to see signs of a slight slowdown as more properties come on the market and buyers move away, frustrated with not being able to find a home.   For sellers, this slow down really does not mean much as you can see by the Days on Market, which is how long it takes a property to sell.   For the entire MLS region, it takes about 23 days to sell a home.   Seller, then, should be very thankful for the market.  It is not as good as it was, but it still beats where we were even four years ago.  

2. Steve Brown Real Estate Coverage at Dallas Morning News – This might just be me (It shouldn’t be), but I am very grateful for Steve Brown over at the Dallas Morning News for his coverage of the local real estate market.   If something is news worthy about DFW real estate, Steve is right there reporting on it.  For my monthly column, I referred to one of Steve’s articles each week for my Three Numbers You Need to Know for Real Estate in Fort Worth column, where I go over the latest news and stats from real estate.   Steve does a really good job of keeping his thumb on the pulse of the market and letting his readers know what is trending in real estate today.  With the news worthiness of our DFW market this last year, Steve has had ample supply of good stories to follow.   If you don’t already, I highly recommend you check out the DMN Real Estate section of their website.   

3.  My family – Here is another personal gratitude I have about real estate in Fort Worth 2017.  My wife, Kerry Wright, is my soulmate and best friend.  She has been nothing but supportive as I took on Real Estate full time three years ago.   She has been very patient as I go on my long verbal marathons about something I am seeing the market today.   She has been very understanding as we learn about the ups and downs of the real estate year and figure out how it all works.   My teenage children are also a fantastic blessing as they have latched onto my real estate buzz and now regularly find clients for me.   Finally, even though I really don’t think they really understand what I see in the business, I am grateful for my parents as they cheer me on (and challenge me when appropriate).   I need their sound, practical advice from time to time.     

4.  First Time Homeowners buying real estate – If you have done any browsing of this blog, you can find ample information about being a first time homeowner.  I enjoy helping people realize their dream of home ownership more than I do anything else in my business.   It is always such a joy to be able to hand them the keys when we close on their first home.  After some very low numbers of buyers being first time homebuyers, we are starting to see better news as we can see in this article, Poll Finds Good News for First-Time Homebuyers.   I am so excited to also announce that I will be releasing a self-published book in January 2018.  Be on the look out for the book, The Ultimate Guide to Buying (and then selling) Your First Home.   

5.  Integrity 1st Real Estate – I have to end my list of thankful things for real estate in Fort Worth 2017 with a great big “THANK YOU” to my broker, Jon Baker.  Jon has been a blessing to my real estate business as he has helped to see that not all the ups and downs of the real estate process need be a high production drama.  He has shown me that you can keep a cool head no matter what is going down as it doesn’t really help the situation much to have a panic attack on every development.   Jon is also one of the best coaches I have ever had.  He applies just enough pressure for you to keep moving forward.  If you happen to stumble, he doesn’t hold it against you, just helps you realize what you could learn from the situation.  It has been a real blessing to work for Jon and I look forward to many years together.   

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