Note:  This month I am devoting some of my posts to things to be thankful when it comes to real estate in Fort Worth.   This is the third post of four that will be made during November 2017.  

I grew up in Arlington.  Like all the teenagers of the time, I was much more impressed with the bright lights that Dallas provided than I ever was with Fort Worth.  In fact, Fort Worth seemed backwards compared to Dallas.  Boy, have things changed for me (either the city has or my tastes have).  I have discovered the 13 years I have lived in Fort Worth that very few places match it for its entertainment, culture and history.   To put is simply, Fort Worth is the best city in the country bar none.   From its early days as a Fort and cattle mecca to the 20th century as it became a culture center with Van Cliburn competition and the rise of the Kimbell Art Museum and Modern Art Museum to the final stop of JFK before his assassination,  Fort Worth is rich in history that can’t be found anywhere else.   Here is a little known fact.   Back in the late 18th century, Fort Worth was known for its cutting edge photographer businesses.  The famous shot of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was taken in one of these shops.   Finally, for entertainment, check out the Sundance square on the weekend.  It is the best hidden jewel in all of Texas.   I am truly thankful to be a Fort Worth resident.   Here are five recent developments in my fine home town that really exemplify the greatness of  real estate in Fort Worth.

  1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – In the last ten years, we have seen a lot of change here in Fort Worth.  The most striking to me, and one that I feel very blessed, is the large workforce that has developed in this area.   We have seen a 21 percent increase in jobs in the area in the last ten years, according to this article, Why Dallas-Fort Worth is One of the Most Changed Cities in the Last 10 Years, found on the Dallas Business Journal website.   Our unemployment rate has bee constantly lower than the National and State unemployment rates.    Why is this a blessing for real estate in Fort Worth?   Because job availability is what drives people to move to the area and these people have to live somewhere.   As the population grows, so does our real estate industry.    Here is hoping we continue to see the job growth hold steady!   

  2. Road Construction – What???  How can road construction be considered a blessing?   To me, the growing pains of rapidly increasing population has been a blessing (see number 1 above) and curse.   The curse is that we get more cars on the road, roads that were never meant to carry as many cars as we see today.    We need the road construction. Specifically, we need I35 expansion to happen.    Sure.  It is a pure pain to live through the construction time, which is scheduled to end in 2018 (see this page on the Texas Department of Transportation), but it really feels good when all is completed.  We will have room on the roads and hopefully, it won’t take 45 minutes to get anywhere starting sometime next year.    With better roads, means transportation ills won’t scare away people won’t scare away people from moving here.   

  3. Fort Worth Stockyards – If you live in Fort Worth and haven’t been through the Stockyards surrounding area lately, you might want to take a trip and drive around a bit.   The area is slowly being built up from buyers acquiring the older homes and fixing them up.   Of course, the Stockyards themselves are also going through a bit of a transformation as  Stockyards Development Plan begin to heat up by bringing new businesses and hotels to the famous tourist destination.   I have always found the Stockyards to be a wonderful place to escape from things for a bit.   Even though I live only twenty minutes away, I rarely go to the Stockyards so I can retain that little boy wonder about the place.   From a real estate perspective, you can’t ask for a better entertainment center to help keep people moving here.    

  4. ClearFork Luxury Mixed Use Community – With so many new mixed use developments springing up around the Fort Worth area lately, you have to wonder what is unique about the new one that Simon opened up this past September.   Luxury would be the word that comes to mind as what makes this one different.   Neiman Marcus is the anchor to the retail section of the development that includes 14 luxury shops.   As this press release indicates, there will be more openings in 2018 including several restaurants.   From the office perspective, WeWork will be opening up a shared space location there in 2018.    If you like public art, it is worth a visit because you will see several pieces from notable artists.   With real estate in Fort Worth continuing to bloom, having luxury mixed developments like this one will just give more justification for other companies to follow and build more of the same.   A touch of class has never hurt real estate and it won’t in the future either so we should feel blessed that we have them.   

  5. Fort Worth Alliance – I pride myself on saying that I work the Alliance Corridor for residential real estate.  One of the reasons I originally selected this area was because one could see the massive development that was taking place and I wanted to help buyers get into the action by finding them a home to call their own.   We have seen a new Tanger Outlet mall open up recently along with Bucee’s and North Lake is getting a thousand new homes to call its own.   With Amazon already having a presence in the area, my hope is that Amazon decides to use us as their second headquarters.   We have so much to feel blessed about living this fun vibrant area.   Why would you want to live anywhere else?       

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